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Ford County Commissioner

Shawn Tasset has served as President of KNRC, since the fall of 2014. In December 2013, he was appointed to complete the term of the resigning First District Commissioner of Ford County. Shawn was elected to serve a four-year term beginning January 2015 in that position.

Following graduating from Spearville High School, Shawn served for five years in the U.S. Navy, after which he moved to Greeley, CO.

Shawn and his wife Kelly have been married for 22 years. In 1996, they returned to Spearville to make a home and raise their family. He and Kelly, along with their four children, Lane, Madison, Trace and Quentin, continue to reside in Spearville.  Shawn is the President of Tasset Family Farms, Inc. and is joined by his brother, Allen and cousin, Dana Howerton, as partners in this fourth generation family farm and ranch.

Shawn says that he realizes the scope of his responsibility toward the folks he represents, and while he is not (as yet) a seasoned commissioner, he does understand the importance of service in general and servanthood in particular, and that responsibility accompanies and plays a part in his life decisions.

Vice President
Seward County Commissioner

Serving as KNRC’s Vice President, Jim Rice has many years of experience in county government and the issues concerning local government operations.  His first experience with local government began in the early 1970s, when he was asked to serve as a member of the Seward County Fair Board. In 1980 he began his first term as a Seward County Commissioner and served two terms, retiring in 1988. His interest in local government continued as he served on several other boards prior to moving to Colorado, where he and his wife Carolyn owned and operated the Cactus Patch, in Frisco, CO.  Jim held the position as Manager of the Boulder County Fair & Rodeo in Longmont, CO from 1998 thru 2002. He returned to Seward County in 2004. In 2008, he was again elected to serve as a Seward County Commissioner and continues in that capacity.

Jim has been active at the state level and on many occasions has testified before legislative committees in Topeka on a variety of issues.  Jim takes particular interest in the activities of KNRC as it works with member counties to protect the rights of private property owners and the natural resource base of the member counties.

Jim points out that no other organization is doing what KNRC is doing and asks, “If not KNRC, then who?” Jim reminds us that in its short existence, KNRC has become an important regional source of information, taking positions in support of local government and the established rural way of life. KNRC has the ability to take a stand and provide the documentation to back it up.

He loves politics and encourages all to become involved, especially the younger generation, posing the question, “If an individual can make a difference, imagine what a group of individuals can do?” He concludes, “Don’t rely on someone else to voice your opinion.”

5_Vic_Bielser_12_21_15VIC BIELSER
Steering Committee Member
Sheridan County Commissioner

Vic Bielser has served on the KNRC Steering Committee since January 2015 and as a Sheridan County Commissioner since 2010. He is currently in his second term.

Vic is the third of seven children and is a born and bred “farm boy.” As a life-long resident of Sheridan County, he graduated from Hoxie High School and has been married to his high school sweetheart, Paula, for 46 years. Paula served Sheridan County for many years as the County Clerk and just recently retired. They have a daughter Michele, who with her husband, Jeff, also live in Hoxie.

Vic worked as a diesel mechanic from 1973 until 1992 for Hoxie Implement. In 1992, after twenty years as a mechanic, he decided to follow his lifelong dream of farming and raising cattle — he continues to enjoy running his farm and ranch.

Vic also served one term on the USD 412 school board and is a member of the United Methodist Church.

Steering Committee Member
Kearny County Commissioner

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