2017 Bringing Decision-making Home Conference

The KNRC Bringing Decision-making Home Conference will demonstrate the effectiveness of county land use plans and planning processes as tools for engaging federal agencies in decisions and rulemakings.  The conference will educate decision-makers on local prerogatives, heighten national interest in local land use planning, and forward local-control philosophies in the national marketplace of ideas.

Presenters will explore the history behind land use plans, including the statutory basis, respective roles and jurisdictional boundaries of federal agencies, and discuss what constitutes a substantive, appropriate and defensible land use plan that federal agencies must take seriously and respond to.

KNRC has five objectives for Bringing Decision-making Home Conference:

  1. Contrast and clarify the hierarchical relationship of the Constitution of the United States and agency statutory mandates against regulations, policies, guidance, executive orders, etc. in context of land use planning requirements;
  2. Establish confidence of government officials, legislators, industry and the public in the land use planning process by informing them of the history, statutory prerogatives and bright-line jurisdictional boundaries for land use plans;
  3. Demonstrate the efficacy of county land use plans in productive engagement of federal and state agencies;
  4. Create a platform for KNRC to encourage member counties in forwarding of individual, regional and standardized land use plans;
  5.  Understand the components of what constitutes a high quality land use plan, and how agencies are statutorily required to respond to local planning processes.

The Bringing Decision-making Home Conference will convene at the United Wireless Arena & Conference Center in Dodge City, Kansas on Tuesday, March 28 through Thursday morning March 30, 2017.  The Conference will be moderated by regional, talk show host Trent Loos, and include presentations by Jonathan Wood of the Pacific Legal Foundation, Harriet Hageman of Hageman Law, P.C., and attorney Karen Budd Falen.

Author, Native American and expert on unfolding conflicts between local government and tribes will be Elaine Willman.  Elaine will be presenting on the  Jurisdictional conflicts between Indian tribes, local government & agriculture from EPAs ‘Treatment As States’ Policy.  Elaine’s talk will be followed by land use and property rights historian Dr. Angus McIntosh, Director of the newly formed, Range Allotment Owners Association.

Rounding out the conference will be a presentation on Conservation Easements by Martha Boneta, author of “Farming in Fear,” and a boots-on-the-ground, how-to presentation of programs, methods and techniques for respectfully and effectively engaging federal agencies by KNRC Executive Director  J. R. Carlson.

Details, lodging, and reservation information for the 2017 KNRC Bringing Decision-making Home Conference are found in the attached Conference Brochure 2017.

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