Commissioners Corner


January 11, 2017 — Shawn Tasset, KNRC President was unable to attend the KNRC Policy Committee’s January 12 meeting, and recorded an opening statement that was shown at the beginning of the meeting.

Shawn Tasset

September 3, 2015 – KSN Interview with Shawn Tasset, KNRC President – following the vacation of the Lesser Prairie Chicken listing. “We at KNRC understand that the Lesser Prairie Chicken is not just about a bird,” said Shawn Tasset, the KNRC President and a Ford County Commissioner. “It’s about land control. It’s about much more fundamental things than just the protection of a species.”


May 15, 201Shawn Tasset 5_15_155 – KSN Interview – Shawn Tasset, KNRC President – discusses an amendment to the National Defense Bill supported by Congressman Huelskamp could remove Lesser Prairie Chicken from the threatened list. “That listing has bearing on the military. How, when, where they can train and that kind of thing, because a lot of their facilities lie within the area that is designated Lesser Prairie Chicken habitat,”.



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